Starting a Glamping and Camping Business!

Having recently just attended the Glamping Show at Stoneliegh were we exhibited one of our Glamping pods the Ennerdale, we were asked by several people that they were thinking of opening a Glamping site and what are the requirements? In this day people are looking to diversify or use some of the land for an alternative business and Glamping comes near the top of that list.

So if your thinking of starting a new business in Glamping here are some points to consider, will your site need planning? Some manufacturers are telling customers you don't need planning if you have wheels on the units, here at Green Eco Living we advise all our customers to contact the local planning office and discuss there plans to see how many units can be sited etc.

After planning consent and confirmation of how many units you will be having you will need to confirm what the site has in the way of services. The Glamping Pods with en-suite require drainage by either going into an existing drain or a septic tank, or you may wish to use the compost toilet system were no drains will be required. You will need to decide on what power you have to run the units, has the Glamping pods will have electric showers as well as kitchenettes with hob and microwave, so getting your loadings right is imperative to run your operation smoothly.

Here at Green Eco Living we offer you our expertise to advise you exactly what the site will need by way of services to run a successful Glamping business.

We also offer OFF grid solutions as well as calor gas boilers to operate the running of each unit. The difference between offering a Camping Pod site and a Glamping pod site, is that if you were just to offer camping pods you will need to build a toilet block facility, and will only get £35.00 per night on average. But the Glamping Pod although more expensive to purchase will not need a toilet block but you will need to budget for services such as draingae water and Electric to each unit and will get £85.00 pounds a night on average.



Choosing a Camping Pod for your business

There are so many options to choose from, it seems that everyone has become a Camping Pod manufacturer. The most popular shape on the market is the arched shape Pod, which is easy on the eye and blends into the Landscape very well.

Camping Pods vary in price anything from £5000 pounds up to £8500 pounds depending on the quality although most sites will only ever get the same tariff being £35.00 pounds per night. Camping pods can sleep up to four people and are aimed at Campers who are looking for a little bit more Luxury without having to struggle pitching their tent and worrying if the valuables are secure.

All pods come with lighting and all can be locked secure giving the camper some peace of mind while out exploring their Holiday location.

Chalet Pod Glamping

Recently new to the market are the Chalet Pods, Glamping Pods, these Pods attract a more cross section of customers who are looking for a more comfortable stay, they include full en-suite facilities and Kitchenettes no need to trapes over in the middle of the night trying to locate the communal toilet block. Better Insulated and with more creature comforts available, are proving to be a lot more popular, however Luxury comes with a price and they are double the price of a camping pod, but you will get double the room Tariff up to £85.00 pounds per night depending on the location.