Business Benefits of a Glamping or Chalet Pod to a Camp Site, Farmer or Landowner

The days when you would go to a camping site and pitch your own tents to spend the night are long gone. Although log cabins can be seen at some places, they are also slowly being replaced by what are known as glamping pods and Chalet Pods. A glamping/chalet Pod is nothing but a miniaturized wood house which is built to resemble a tent. It comes with doors and windows, yet gives the camper a feel of the tent, which is what camping is all about.

Glamping/Chalet Pods are not only preferred by campers these days but are also beneficial to campsite owners or landowners. Here are some of the business benefits of why landowners, farmers and campsite managers buy glamping/chalet Pods.

Easy One Time Installation and Flexibility in Placement

To install a glamping/chalet Pod, all you have to do is fix the couple of support structures provided by the manufacturer and haul it to your preferred location. The glamping/chalet Pod is ready for occupation and the occupants can move in any time they fancy. There is no hard labour and hours spent to erect a tent. You can also move it around on request of the camper or in case the situation forces you to. For example, if the stream swells up in the rainy season, you can just drag the pod up to a safer point and still have a camping spot by the stream.

Safety of Chalet Pods Will Attract More Campers

Some people avoid camping because of factors like bugs, wild animals, lack of proper protection in case of bad weather, etc. Since glamping/chalet Pods are built using sturdy materials, safety is definitely assured even in the event of bad weather or if some wildlife is around. The comfort that a glamping/chalet Pod offers is also much better than what a tent offers, which will definitely attract more campers. Also, the pods are designed such that the camping feel is retained by making the structures tent shaped. So, it is a win-win situation for the campers and you as a campsite manager.

Low or Zero Maintenance

If you rent out tents to campers, two out of three tents you rent will be damaged in some way or the other when they are returned. All this maintenance cost can be avoided if you buy glamping/chalet Pods. They require minimum or no maintenance and the initial cost of setting up is also very low. Looking at the long term expenditure, usage of glamping/Chalet Pods can save you thousands.

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