Don’t let the weather affect your campers

2012 gave us the second wettest year since records began with 1330.7 mm of rainfall throughout the year making April & June the wettest months on record according to the metoffice. Camping remains a popular staycation option for people but with the great British weather bringing more rain people have started to shy away from the traditional camping in a field and have been preferring to camp in luxury also known as Glamping. Glamping was on the rise in 2012 with the majority of Glamping site being sold out whereas bookings in the traditional camping pitches have been down on average of 20% with more people opting for camping pods.

With the Glamping trend here to stay the Greenecoliving glamping pod will give your Glamping business the extra boost. We only use the highest quality insulation the insulation is made by injecting isocyanate resin into the panels, the equivalent to 350mm fibre glass, it works by keeping the pod cool in summer with the reverse effect in winter keeping all the heat inside making sure you campers are warm making our pod a all year round investment.
Buy our standard pod is 4.8x2.4 Mtr and comes with a built in veranda. Please give us a ring as we may have offers on. We also have difference size pods 2.4x3.6 Mtr without a veranda and 2.4x6 Mtr which has a built in veranda. Our pods can also come bespoke to your need.

Scotland is marked as one of the top holiday destinations for 2013 with people wanting to explore the beautiful hills and views it has to offer but with unpredictable weather Glamping is the option many will go for. With last year being England’s wettest year, Wales third year and Scotland’s fourth according to records it’s no wonder why there has been a increased interest in our camping pod. The increasing tourism brought by festivals and holiday makers from abroad now is the time to buy your new glamping pod to ensure you get the optimized booking for the season beginning. On average the pods take around 4-6 weeks to complete, they are built in our workshop and delivered to you on site fully assembled ensuring no onsite disruption is caused to you or your campers. Please visit our website email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01257 453791 also feel free to drop by our office in Eccleston, Chorley to see our show pod.

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