Business Benefits of a Glamping or Chalet Pod to a Camp Site, Farmer or Landowner

The days when you would go to a camping site and pitch your own tents to spend the night are long gone. Although log cabins can be seen at some places, they are also slowly being replaced by what are known as glamping pods and Chalet Pods. A glamping/chalet Pod is nothing but a miniaturized wood house which is built to resemble a tent. It comes with doors and windows, yet gives the camper a feel of the tent, which is what camping is all about.

Glamping and Camping  in the Lake District

As the concept of chalet pods (or glamping pods as it is becoming known) becomes more popular. Campsites and land owners are finding if they buy glamping/chalet pods they are an excellent way of generating more income whilst campers find them a more convenient and dryer way of enjoying the outdoors without the hassle of pitching a tent and being exposed to the elements.