Planning Permission

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Planning can be a complex process and this is why, at Greenecoliving we have teamed up with a professional town planner to lead and manage the process for you.

Whether it’s a single product you are wishing to purchase and you want peace of mind that it does not require planning permission or whether it is a larger scale proposal, our planning consultant will manage all aspects of the planning process for you, typically dealing with the following:

  • Liaising with the local planning authority
  • visiting the site
  • working with other specialists if required; engineers, architects, landscape architects, ecology, highways
  • present planning statements and design and access statements and all information required as part of the formal submission

Our products and planning

Garden Rooms

Proving that the room is being located within the ‘curtilage’ of the property and is considered to be ‘incidental’ to the enjoyment of the house and also meets the following criteria then planning permission will not be required:

  • 50% of the curtilage area would not be covered ie. There would still be at least 50% garden space (whether this be at the front, back or side of the property)
  • the garden room is not located to the front elevation of the property
  • height restrictions; 4 metres maximum to a pitch roof, 2.5 metres if is within 2 metres of the boundary with another property and 3 metres in any other case
  • eaves height can not exceed 2.5 metres
  • if the room is be located within the grounds of a listed building then planning permission would be required

Please note that as each site and location will come with different constraints, it is always recommend to check with your local planning authority. Our planning consultant will be able to take care of this by liaising with the planning authority in your area so you have peace of mind that garden room is acceptable in planning terms.

Chalet Pods, Camping Pods and Boutique Rooms

For the following products; Chalet Pods, Camping Pods and Boutique Rooms it is advisable to undertake pre-application with the local planning authority, as it is more than likely than planning permission will be required.

Pre-application Enquiry

Most local planning authorities will offer a ‘pre-application’ service. These would typically take up to 4 weeks and will establish whether the local planning authority is likely to support or reject any future planning application.

After the pre-app enquiry has been dealt with by the local planning authority, then full plans can then be submitted this would typically take up to 8 weeks for a decision. On more complicated, major sites then these could take up to 13 weeks.

Lawful Development Certificate

This is not the same as planning permission but is proof that your building work is lawful.

This option is well worth considering even if you are sure your project is permitted development. If you should later want to sell your property an LDC may be helpful to answer queries raised by potential buyers or their legal representatives. As such, it is important that all paperwork and records relating to your property are clear and up to date.


Local Authority Fees

The administrative fee associated with a planning application made payable to the local planning authority, depends on the type and scale of the development. Our planning consultant will be able to let you know what the fees are likely to be.

Planning consultant Fees

Fees payable to the planning consultant will depend on the scale of the development and the complexity of the site. A detailed fee will be discussed with the planner after the enquiry form has been reviewed.

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