Planitherm Total Glass

Installing energy efficient glass into your home garden office will keep carbon emissions down and save you money while you are working from home.

And if you’re like me then you won’t like wasting money on home energy products that are not energy efficient. It’s like throwing money down the drain!


That is why we incorporate SGG Planitherm Total glass products to all our garden office rooms, as it is one of the most energy efficient glass products on the market.

Not only will it make your garden room more comfortable and secure it will also improve the window energy ratings of your glazing.

And due to SGG Planitherm and Morley Glass’s new generation of performance low-E glass you will not only save energy but money too.

So how does this glass product work?

Well it’s all down to a transparent metallic coating that is put on one side of the glass which allows heat generated inside your garden home to be reflected straight back indoors, preventing it from escaping.

At the same time you are getting the same high level of sunlight in your garden room while remaining comfortable all-year-round whatever the weather.

6 TOP reasons to choose SGG Planitherm Total energy efficient glass.

Save money on heating: Excellent thermal insulation while maximising free solar heat saves on energy and heating bills.

Increased comfort: Better insulation means fewer cold spots and more comfort.

Less condensation: No moisture on the inner side of the glass means the room stays warmer and you get no puddles of water on the window ledges or floor.

Clear Vision Glass: Less of a tint to the glass means that any curtains or blinds installed do not look dirty or discoloured and there is less chance of ‘haze’ than other thermally insulating glass due to the way it is manufactured.

Environmentally friendly: SGG Planitherm Total saves energy, money and protects the environment.

Here at Green Eco Living it is our mission to make all our garden rooms as energy efficient as possible as property accounts for 50% of the world’s carbon emissions. That is why we install SGG Planitherm Total into our home garden offices, which will help you to save energy and money.