Project to boost ecotourism in KP

PESHAWAR: The tourism department is launching an environment-friendly project in the scenic Galyat and Kaghan valleys to boost ecotourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The project themed as ‘camping paradise’ is aimed at initiating an environment-friendly activity at the grassroots level to promote domestic tourism, generate income for local population, as well as create opportunities for healthy recreation that is in consonance with the local heritage and culture.

For the purpose, five sites, including Thandiyani in Galyat, Sharan, Seer, Mahdan and Baisal in Kaghan valley, have been selected, according to a press release issued here on Friday.

The project would be later launched in 30 other tourist sites of the province.

Under the project, the tourists would be able to get tents, camping pods, tourist hosting and all other facilities at the designated scenic spots. However, the tourists would also have an option to pitch their own tents.

Camping paradise is an initiative which would create an eco-friendly and portable infrastructure that would promote sustainable tourism at these scenic places in one of the most idyllic valleys of the province.

The tourists would also be provided foolproof security at the sites as local people would be involved in these projects to own the activity and ensure security of the tourists at such camping spots.

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